• Our Mission Statement

    Premium Transportation Group, Inc. (PTG) is committed to providing a safe work environment for each of our employees. We must all share in this endeavor.
    It is the responsibility of every employee to work and act in a safe manner; this means following all safety protocols. Our safety manual describes, in detail, the rules and procedures that must be implemented in order to facilitate a safe work place for each of our customers.
    Our employees must be encouraged to report any unsafe or hazardous condition that they may encounter at a worksite. By working together with our customers to promote a comprehensive safety culture, we will achieve our goal of a safe, accident/injury free work environment.
    Thank you for your dedication and participation in our safety mission.

  • About Us

    Since 1985 Premium Transportation Staffing, Inc. has consistently partnered with logistics companies to deliver customized, high-quality driver and logistics staffing, efficient human resource management, benefits administration and comprehensive workers' compensation programs. Premium's broad scope of services, combined with the large employee base and operations in more than 40 states has resulted in successful longevity in a very volatile industry.

    We are highly specialized experts in driver and logistics staffing, providing you the following diverse range of benefits.

        Goals That Match Your Needs

    • Eliminate your paperwork nightmares
    • Assist in compliance with local, state and federal regulations
    • Allow you to concentrate on growing your business
    • Enable your company to offer high quality benefits to the employees

        A History of Proven Experience

    • More than 28 years of experience in the staffing industry
    • Serving in excess of 40 states