Here are some great tips for conduction your next safety meeting.

  • Introduce the topic. Tell the group in straightforward terms what the meeting is all about.
  • Present the facts. Be as concise as possible in providing your employees with any necessary background on the subject. Then present your facts and figures in as interesting a manner as possible.
  • Demonstrate. Acting out or role-playing a safety procedure is one way of making sure your message has been received. Using visual aids is another (see section below on “Using Visuals and Statistics”). Anything you can do to demonstrate your points – and get employees involved in the demonstration – is going to give your meeting added impact.
  • Open the meeting up for discussion. Use the discussion period to answer questions, clarify misunderstandings, and obtain feedback from employees. An active discussion is usually a good indication that your meeting has been successful.
  • Summarize the major points. When your time has run out, it’s a good idea to recap what has been discussed and decided. If the group has agreed on steps to correct a hazard or improve an unsafe condition, this is the time to remind employees about what they have agreed to do.